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This is an in-depth for individuals interested in learning the therapeutic methods and benefits of massage and physiotherapy.

This training course cover Basic, Intermediate and Advance Level. The period for which a student opt to learn is solely dependent on their individual needs and interests. However, the shortest duration for training course is one week.

Basic Course (1 module) including practical demonstration costs: 50,000 Naira.

Intermediate Course (2 module) including practical and test trials: 100,000 Naira.

Advanced Course which covers both Basic and intermediate as well as in-depth knowledge of massage and physiotherapy treatment: 180,000 Naira.

Payments are splashed through 3 instalments: 40% before commencement, 2nd instalment one week after commencement and the remaining 20% to be paid on or before the end of the training course.

At the end of the Advanced training course, each student will be awarded document(s) to which will certify them as therapist.

Please note:
Massage therapy does not include drug prescription or any form of internal/external medical diagnosis and or prescription.Therefore, the awarded document does not certify you as a medical doctor but as a massage therapist ONLY!

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