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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get horny during a massage session?

Yes it is possible to become horny during a massage session (which is normal), but that doesn’t mean you must have sex. Massage is meant to enhance a proper body relaxation session not a way to get easy or free sex.

Can my partner or spouse be present during my massage session?

Yes! You can have your lover or spouse with you while you have a massage- depending on what makes you comfortable.

Can I have sex with my masseuse?

No, I’m afraid not! Massage is totally different from sex. Although some may misunderstand and misinterpret the true essence of massage; while a few will think massage to be an easy way to have sex. It is advisable to talk or chat with your client properly in other to understand their thoughts about massage before accepting a session; to avoid conflict or rape.

Is a Massage session private?

Yes, all massage sessions are private. Although some may wonder what goes on in the mind of the masseuse while lying on the massage table naked for a total stranger. Trust and professionalism is a priority for a massage therapist; so you need not worry, you’re in safe hands: all massage therapists are highly trained.

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